BUSD-Margined Futures Contracts – Binance Futures

August 25, 2021
If you are a good trader or a newbie, Binance BUSD-Margined future Contracts has been unleashed to make you smile to the banks. One of the newer futures contracts available on Binance is BUSD margin futures. USDⓈ-margined futures contracts have grown in popularity over the past year as they are easy to use...

Binance New Feature (Multi-Assets Mode) Guide for Beginners

July 19, 2021
With the newly launched Binance Multi Assets Mode, users will share their margin across USDT-margined and BUSD-margined contracts. Any profits made on either contract can be used as margin; this means that one position’s profits can offset losses in another losing position. Thus, the margin balance only re...

Binance Futures Beginner’s Guide: How to Trade

July 4, 2021
Binance Futures is the leading cryptocurrency futures trading platform with leverage up to x125. It allows you to open Long positions (upward bets) and Short positions (downward bets). After our first look and test positions, we can say that the platform is very similar to that of Binance’s spot exchange, ...

Elon Musk tweets failed to boost dogecoin or bitcoin

July 4, 2021
“It seems that investors are no longer listening and are finally realizing that the tweets of one man should not be the deciding factor for whether they buy or sell their assets,” Alexandra Clark, sales trader at UK-based digital asset broker GlobalBlock, said on Friday. Musk tweeted in support...


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