New report reveals ‘materially improved’ GPT-5 is coming this summer

OpenAI’s next big language module (LLM), GPT-5, is reportedly being developed and could launch this upcoming summer, The Business Insider’s sources have revealed.

Two unnamed sources have revealed that OpenAI is currently sending a demo of the technology with the update to its enterprise customers for testing. One CEO who had the opportunity to try the demo said he was extremely impressed with what OpenAI has developed.

With various features in the pipeline, one major feature that has been leaked is an AI agent that can execute tasks independent of human assistance. Sources are currently claiming that OpenAI is still testing the model before planning to release a launch date, especially after red teaming for security tests and security flaws.

The last official update announcement by the company regarding GPT-5 was made in April 2023, where it dismissed rumors that it had no plans to train any other models in the immediate future.