Apple and Google in Talks Over Gemini AI for iPhone Features

Apple and Google in Talks Over Gemini AI for iPhone Features

Apple and Google are reportedly in negotiations for a potential deal to integrate Google’s Gemini generative AI offerings into the iPhone. This move, first revealed by Bloomberg, aims to enable Apple to license Gemini’s AI models for new iPhone features later this year.

While such a partnership could give Gemini access to billions of iPhone users, it also hints at Apple’s potential lag in AI development compared to its competitors. According to industry analyst Paul Schell, Apple’s yearly development cycle may contribute to this delay in addressing generative AI.

Despite Apple’s efforts in developing its on-device generative AI capabilities and acquiring companies like DarwinAI, it seems to be trailing behind in the AI race, as noted by Rob Enderle, president of the Enderle Group.

However, a collaboration with Google could align with Apple’s strategy of integrating AI into its products rather than developing proprietary AI models. William Kerwin, an equity analyst with Morningstar Research Services, suggests that such an agreement could involve outsourcing the AI model while focusing on integrating it into products like Siri.

This potential deal could benefit both companies, with Apple gaining access to advanced AI technology and Google potentially expanding its reach and revenue. Moreover, integrating Google’s AI algorithms into Apple’s ecosystem could enhance search functionality and interoperability for Apple users.

While the financial terms of the potential deal remain undisclosed, speculation arises regarding whether Google would offer its technology for free in exchange for access to anonymized data from iPhone users. However, Apple and Google have yet to comment on the matter.