Microsoft Azure Interview Guide

If you’re pursuing a career in cloud computing, you’re making a smart move. Cloud computing is becoming the norm in the business world as organizations realize they can be more efficient and lower costs with this model. Spending on public cloud services is expected to reach $502.5 billion by 2024. What does that mean for you? Plenty of potential in the cloud computing space! Today’s cloud computing job market is quite competitive and getting a job is not a piece of cake. Microsoft Azure is one of the raging cloud service providers today and you must be thoroughly prepared for the interview process. And to help you ace your interview in one go, here’s a collection of 40+ Azure interview questions.

Microsoft Azure Interview Guide:

To help you gear up, the Azure interview questions have been divided into the following:

  • Beginner Azure interview questions
  • Advanced Azure interview questions
  • Multiple Choice Azure interview questions
  • Scenario-based Azure interview questions

Beginner Azure Interview Questions :

1. Why Did You Choose a Career in Cloud Computing?

These types of Azure interview questions require a thoughtful, honest response. By thinking through your answer ahead of time, you’ll be ready to say something your interviewer will approve of. Show that you care about the field and that you have a passion for cloud computing and the problems it can solve.

2. Why Did You Choose Microsoft Azure and Not Aws?

Your response to this question is based on your own background and experience. Maybe you come from a developer background, so Azure appealed to you. Maybe your first cloud computing role just happened to be with Azure. As with the question above, the key here is to be ready to give an intelligent answer to the question.

3. How Does Microsoft Azure Compare to Aws?

This might be a matter of opinion for you, so answer as you see fit. In general, people say Azure is a better choice because it’s a Microsoft product, making it easier for organizations already using Windows Server, SQL Server, and Exchange to move to the cloud. In addition, because of Microsoft’s deep knowledge of developer tools, Azure offers multiple app deployment options for developers, which makes it stand out against AWS.

4. How Did You Learn Azure?

Did you learn Azure through a certification? Through on-the-job experience? A little of each? However you learned it, make sure to demonstrate to the interviewer that you have practical experience (if you’re new to the field) and that you are continuing to learn.

5. Tell Me About a Problem You Solved at Your Prior Job?

This is something to spend some time on when you’re preparing responses to possible Azure interview questions. As a cloud architect, you need to show that you are a good listener and problem solver, as well as a good communicator. Yes, you need to know the technology, but cloud computing does not usually involve sitting isolated in a cubicle. You’ll have stakeholders to listen to, problems to solve, and options to present. When you answer questions like these, try to convey that you are a team player and a good communicator, in addition to being a really good Azure architect.

6. What is the difference between SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS?

This is one of the most common Azure interview questions. Cloud Computing has three types of service models, that are IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS

  • Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)

It provides users with components such as OS, networking capabilities, etc. This is a paid service, based on usage and can be used to host applications.
Example – Azure Virtual Machine, Azure VNET

  • Platform as a Service(PaaS)

It enables developers to build and work with applications without having to worry about the infrastructure or management of the hosting environment.
Example – Azure SQL, Azure Storage

  • Software as a Service(SaaS)

It involves applications being consumed and used by organizations. Usually, organizations pay for their use of the application.
Example – Office 365, Salesforce

Advanced Azure Interview Questions

1. What Are the Different Storage Options with Azure?

Should your interview start to get technical, there are countless questions you might be asked. You can’t predict them. We can’t predict them. So we’ve brainstormed some possible Azure interview questions and answers for you to study, prepare for, and practice. Do this, and you’ll walk into your interview with much more confidence! Now, onto the different storage options with Azure. These options include a blog, table, and queue options. Be prepared to expand on the benefits of each as well.

2. What Is the Benefit of the Azure CDN?

The Content Delivery Network (or CDN) in Azure offers the same benefits as other CDNs: it can be used to reduce load times and bandwidth as well as speed up responsiveness.

3. What Is Azure Virtual Network?

Azure Virtual Network enables Azure resources like Virtual Machines to securely communicate with each other, with the Internet and with on-site networks. It lets you implement multiple virtual networks, as well as a filter or even route network traffic, and to connect virtual networks to each other.

4. What Are Azure Virtual Machines Used For?

Speaking of virtual, Azure Virtual Machines are used in the same way any virtual machines are used: to add computing power without adding hardware. Azure supports Windows Server (of course), Linux, SAP, Oracle, IBM, and SQL Server.

I hope you guys like this handbook for Interview Questions, I will add more questions to this handbook soon. If you want to add some questions please share in comments. thanks