Asahi says US, Japan will call for deeper cooperation in AI, semiconductors

Japan and the United States will announce closer cooperation in high-tech areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) in a joint statement when Prime Minister Fumio Kishida meets President Joe Biden next month, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper said on Saturday.

Biden is set to host Kishida for an official visit to the US on April 10.

Calling relations between the two allies a “global partnership”, the joint statement will advocate stronger cooperation in AI and semiconductors, Asahi said, without citing its sources.

As part of the agreement, Japan and the US will set up a framework for AI research and development, possibly working with Nvidia, Arm and Amazon, the newspaper said.

In its efforts to prevent Beijing from acquiring cutting-edge American technology that could strengthen its military, the US has taken aggressive steps in recent months to block shipments of advanced AI chips to China.