7 Color Ideas for Social Media Posts

Ever thought how you can make your social media posts catchier and get them to gather more attention? With the help of the right colors! Learn how to use color theory in your social media graphic design.

It takes a lot of creativity and inspiration to create something aesthetically appealing, yet it’s not as subjective as we’re frequently made to believe.

While everyone’s tastes differ, human vision is wired to detect and respect harmony, whether it’s in the form of music or the patterns and colors that surround us. Colors in social media are no exception.

The first and most difficult challenge in being noticed on social media is to keep your audience from scrolling.

It only takes a blink of an eye for your audience to lose interest in what they’re seeing, so there’s no time for clever language or other, more subtle design aspects to catch the eye.

This is why it is a good idea to use more basic building elements in your design, such as unique colors and innovative color combinations. Please check below the  7 Color Ideas for Social Media Posts and share your views about these ideas in the comment box below.