YouTube will let creators share exclusive shorts with their Premium subscribers

YouTube is launching a new version of Shorts for members who can share exclusive shorts with their premium paying subscribers. Subscribers will receive access to additional content along with other subscription features.

Members Only Shorts on YouTube are intended to attract other users to sign up for a paid membership, which will include not only premium content but also exclusive announcements, product drops, and limited-time deals. Creators can use this platform for quizzes, behind-the-scenes footage, or clips of upcoming content.

YouTube launched this new version right after its rival, TikTok, opened membership to all creators to create exclusive content for paying subscribers. YouTube Short creators will have the option to opt for ‘Members Only’ after uploading content to the platform.

The short video making website is encouraging creators to keep shorts more organic and public, while exclusive content like private activities should be reserved for premium subscribers. According to YouTube, Shorts receive an average of over 70 billion views per day, with over 25% of channels’ videos in YouTube’s Partner Program earning revenue.