Inflation measured by the Sensitive Price Index (SPI) surged to an all-time high in the week that ended on September 1, climbing to 45.5 per cent year-on-year (YoY) on the back of a more than 200 per cent increase in the rates of tomatoes and onions, and higher fuel prices.

Prior to this, the highest year-on-year weekly inflation figure was 44.58pc, which was recorded in the preceding week

The latest data shared by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Friday showed that inflation increased 1.31pc week over week.

The SPI monitors prices of 51 essential items based on a survey of 50 markets in 17 cities of the country.

According to the PBS, during the week under review, the prices of 31 items increased, three items decreased and 17 items remained unchanged.

Highest week-on-week rise

  • Onions: 42.17pc
  • Tomatoes: 13.25pc
  • Pulse Moong: 7.94pc
  • Potatoes: 6.97pc
  • LPG: 4.45pc

Highest year-on-year rise

  • Onions: 240.15pc
  • Tomatoes: 219.99pc
  • High speed diesel: 114.08pc
  • Petrol: 98.73pc
  • Pulse Masoor: 82.44pc

Week-on-week decline

  • Vegetable ghee 1kg: 0.76pc
  • Vegetable ghee 2.5kg: 0.41pc
  • Pulse Masoor: 0.34pc

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