What is




Next.js is a popular is a popular react framework that enables server-side rendering (SSR) and static site generation for react applications

It provides an easy to use and powerful setup for building server-rendered react applications with great performance and SEO benefits


You can create a new Next.js project by using the following command

Basic Structure

Next.js v12 follows a conventional folder structure:

Basic Structure II

- pages: Each file inside this folder becomes a root accessible in the application

- public: Contain static assets like images, which can be used in pages

- components: Reusable components used across multiple pages

- styles: Global styles and CSS files

Basic Page

To create a basic page, simply create a new file insides the pages directory:

Dynamic Routing

Next.js allows you to create dynamic routes using brackets []. For example to create a dynamic post page:

Server Side Rendering (SSR)

Next.js supports server-side rendering, allowing you to fetch data and render pages on the server before sending them to the client

API Routes

Next.js allows you to create API routes, providing a simple way to create custom serverless API endpoints: