and, or, not 

in python

Introduction to Logical Operators

Logical operators in Python are used to perform logical operations between two or more conditions. They include 'and' , 'or' , and 'not' . These operators are fundamental for decision-making in Python programming.

The 'and' Operator

The 'and' operator returns True only if both the conditions it connects are True. Otherwise, it returns False. Here's an example:

The 'or' Operator

The 'or' operator returns True if at least one of the connected conditions is True. It returns False only if both conditions are False.  Example:

The 'not' Operator

The 'not' operator negates the condition it precedes. If the condition is True, 'not' makes it False, and vice versa.  Example:

Combining Logical Operators

You can combine multiple logical operators to create complex conditions. Example:

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