Steal these useful APIs

as a developer

API stands for application programming interface and is way for two or more pieces of software to communicate

What is API?

Brainshop is an API where it helps you with a chatbot based on AI. You can integrate it into your app, the basic plan is free


Currency converter is an API which gets you the exchange rate which can be used in your app which is related to finance and requires currency conversion

Currency Converter

This is a cool API. It is really useful when the user is looking at a loading screen and you can display a fact while the screen is loading

Random facts

Flight API is used for tracking flights and comparing the price of different flights from multiple vendors

Flight API

CoinAPI is great when you need something to show the price of cryptocurrency on your app from multiple decentralized exchanges


You know about marvel, This API consists of 100s of marvel comics data you can access. If you are marvel then you should try it

Marvel comics