9 signs Your Boss Has a Positive Impact on Your Mental Health



A good boss makes you feel safe, and when you are safe you can take risks and speak up without fear of retaliation of punishment. Feeling safe at work is one of the most powerful traits in a culture that cares for your mental health



A boss that wants to lift you up and build your mental health with you must show appreciation, gratitude and recognition for your efforts and results. The boss gives you credit when credit is due, and provides meaningful and kind feedback when necessary



Not you, but YOU. Yes, the boss knows that you are not (just) an employee, but a human, and treats you accordingly. When you have a relationship of trust with your boss you can allow them to know more about you to build understanding of YOU, not just you



You don't have to hide parts of you to fit in when you have a good boss that cares for your mental health. The boss that truly cares for you wants you to be and do YOU. They don't want your fake version, they want your original version. Being YOU liberates you from the yoke of fakeness



Respect is one of the most potent drivers of employee engagement and job satisfaction. A good boss not only will respect you as the boss, but will also build a grassroots team culture of respect among every member in the team. You and everyone else will feel respected



Your boss acts in a way that shows you that you are cared for. To be cared for at work means that you are not considered a cog in a machinery, but a human with vulnerabilities, fears, strengths and talent. A boss genuinely cares for you



A good boss does care about YOU as human, but also you as a professional (worker). This means that they want you to grow professionally and develop your skills. To do that, they will use an effective combination of supporting you, but also challenging you to continue to learn



To act with compassion means that a boss not only connects emotionally with you to understand the situations that may be affecting you, but also that they will use their power to alleviate your suffering and help you solve what may be causing it