7 Do's & Don'ts of SEO

Use this guide to BUILD great SEO habits and AVOID bad SEO downfalls. Based on my years of experience.

SEO is a long-term game. Both for getting results and for learning. Don't cheat on either.

Here are some DOs and DONTs to keep in mind as you grow with SEO. Take notes and share with others

Do: Obsess over your customer

Put them first Create content specially for them Address their pains and desires

DON'T: Write to everyone

Write to everyone reaches no one. Pick a specific customer Focus on them

DO: Research & write for keywords

Find low-competition keywords Find long tail keywords Create keyword clusters

DON'T: Lose sight because of keywords

Don't write without a keyword in mind Don't get so obsessed with keywords that it makes you focus on non-relevant topics

DO: Plan your content ahead of time

Take time to research and plan Be Intense with your writing Get 30 days ahead with a calendar

DON'T: Write just to write

This will hurt you over time And you won't be consistent Just simply don't do it

DO: Optimize your content with an SEO checklist

Steal my SEO checklist Build your own Or Steal someone else's

DON'T: Publish without editing

No one's first version is the best If you're wiped up after writing come back to it. But never skip editing and optimization.

DO: Upgrade already published content

Use GSC to find pages ranking #5 to #25 for keywords Upgrade them based on competitors research Climb the ranks

DON'T: Publish and forget

Don't play the quantity game Publish, but make time for upgrades You'll miss out on thousands of visitors if you do

DO: Learn new SEO tools & tactics

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DON'T: Think you know it all

BIG Trap SEO is always changing Don't fall behind to learn new tools and tactics

DO: Build relationships for backlinks

Set up networking calls with industry peers Build relationships and backlinks Set up content collaboration

DON'T: Buy sketchy backlinks

Someone is going to promise you high DR backlinks one day Say "no thanks you" and move on it's tempting but not worth it.

SEO isn't easy. But it's also not hard when you follow these Do's and Don'ts. You just need to be smart about it.

SEO isn't easy. But it's also not hard when you follow these Do's and Don'ts. You just need to be smart about it.