Sunday night’s match between Pakistan and India was anything but predictable. With the game being more like a tug of war between two strong teams, the win could have landed on either side. The Green Shirts, however, had a secret weapon that turned out to be a game changer — Muhammad Nawaz’s batting. But there was already another Nawaz on everyone’s minds and netizens had to use memes to remind everyone of it.

Chasing a 182-run target set by India in the Super Four match of the Asia Cup 2022, Pakistan defied the odds and beat India by five wickets in a nerve-racking finish. While the game may be over, Twitter is not over the game. The dual Nawaz moment has resulted in fans clarifying which Nawaz they’re supporting but also, videos of the former PM Nawaz Sharif in cricket attire have made it to our timelines.

We can vouch for that.

Quaid, there’s finally unity in the country.

However, not everyone is happy about it.

The greatest.

Go Nawaz, go!

Nawaz, our saviour.

Even Maryam Nawaz jumped on the bandwagon and re-shared this.

The night was full of surprises.

Some Twitter users were surprised to see PTI supporters switching sides all of a sudden — until they realised it’s game night.

Ahem, wrong Nawaz, miss.

Clarifications have become somewhat necessary.

In an alternate universe, this is the other Nawaz.

You can always count on Pakistani Twitter for the best meme content, regardless of the outcome of the match. But when we win, the content is even better! Congratulations to the Green Shirts!

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