It’s that time of year again — a new iPhone is ready to grace the Earth. Almost entirely identical to its predecessor, save for some updates, this metal block is one of the most sought after items in the market and Twitter is already sharpening its meme-making skills in anticipation.

Despite added features such as satellite messaging and a dynamic island, Apple has decided to keep the price the same as the iPhone 13. Though that saves the buyer a few organs, it is still a higher price for Pakistanis when converted to PKR due to the depreciation in our currency.

No worries though, for a nation that takes everything with a side of humour, even situations like these become acceptable.

They know what’s up.

Yet the urge to upgrade is pretty strong. We can survive with a single kidney, right?

Pakistanis have a jugar [improvised solution] for everything.

We are natural solution-seekers.

It’s called window shopping.

They quake, sensing the might of the chosen one.

Where’s that iPhone abu [father]? Naseem Shah and 10 others are waiting for an answer.

Our bank account looking at us like:

Oh this? That’s just our smacking jawline.

Are you willing to sell an organ for an iPhone upgrade?

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