What’s more fun than competing for a grand prize? Watching other people battle for it. Gameshows are super entertaining and another one is headed your way — actor Sanam Jung is going to be hosting a fun contest called Akhri Khilari Kon where participants can win up to Rs1.5 million!

In a conversation with Images, the Qarar actor revealed that she’s going to be hosting again. The series is inspired by British gameshow The Weakest Link, where a group of contestants compete against each other, answering general knowledge questions to win a grand cash prize.

“This show is a quiz show basically and we have nine rounds where we ask questions,” said the former Jago Pakistan Jago host. “In every round there’s a top prize like the first round’s is 25000 and it goes up to 50. And slowly, the winners can, if they can give correct answers, take up to Rs1.5 million cash prize.”

Though set as a high point, she explained why it wasn’t possible. “But this doesn’t happen because when they give the wrong answer, they break the money chain and they go down on zero again. This is inspired by The Weakest Link, if you’ve seen that show.”

Expressing her thoughts on her return as a host she said, “It’s actually fun, it’s exciting to host a show again, especially when there are contestants and they’re participating, it’s fun.”

The Bol TV series is another addition to the Pakistani gameshow scene. Actors such as Sheheryar Munawar, Faysal Quraishi and Nadia Khan have also had a share in bringing such contests to life onscreen.

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