LAHORE: The PML-N demands an audit of collection of donations for flood victims by PTI chairman Imran Khan through telethons.

“Where is this money? Share details of it (with the nation),” PML-N MPA Rana Mashhood demanded at a press conference here on Thursday. He argued that the donations so collected were amanat of the nation (and thus warranted state intervention for its audit).

Referring to the PTI claims that Rs10 billion had been collected through the telethons, he said the amount was sufficient to provide relief to the flood victims. He also demanded that the PTI should also give details of the expenses worth billions of rupees incurred on the public meetings of Imran Khan.

The former provincial minister reiterated his party’s claim that it would soon replace Parvez Elahi’s government in Punjab, while it would return to power with a two-thirds majority in the next general election.

Alleging that the PTI led the country to economic bankruptcy, he said the PML-N, along with coalition partners, took hard decisions for the sake of the country though at the cost of its own politics and that it was determined to take more such decisions for the (economic) stability and progress of the country.

He said PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif had decided to return home (from London where he had been living since November 2019 for his medical treatment) and would soon be here among the people.

Model tent villages: The Minhaj Welfare Foundation has announced setting up model tent villages for flood victims in all four provinces and is sending 50 truckload relief goods.

“The Minhaj Welfare Foundation is setting up model tent villages for flood victims in all four provinces and one each has already been set in Rajanpur, Fazilpur and Rojhan in the first phase,” Minhajul Quran International Supreme Council chairman Dr Hassan Mohiuddin told a press conference here on Thursday.

These model tent villages would be equipped with facilities like solar tube-wells, solar lights, tandoors, proper toilets, medical camps, schools and swings for children, he added.

Flanked by Khurram Nawaz Gandapur and Adnan Suhail, he said tents with a capacity of accommodating eight to 10 people were being procured for the villages, while the foundation would also help in reconstruction of mosques and seminaries in the flood-affected areas.

He told a questioner that with the help of philanthropists a separate fund had been established for Syed families affected by the floods as Syeds could not accept Zakat and charity.

Mr Gandapur said that 50 truckload relief goods were dispatched from Lahore on Thursday for DI Khan, Rojhan, Fazilpur, Rajanpur, and flood-hit districts of Sindh and Balochistan, while hundreds of tonnes of food had already been transported to these areas.

Published in Dawn, September 16th, 2022

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