Pakistan’s official T20I cricket kit just launched and all we can think about are watermelons.

On Monday evening, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) finally revealed the much-awaited T20I Thunder jersey but before the video featuring Babar Azam, Shadab Khan, Naseem Shah, Fatima Sana and Kainat Imtiaz dropped, there was a leak that showed the players in the striped green shirts and all of Twitter went into a frenzy trying to guess what the official jersey looks like.

People had a lot to say about what they called the tarbooz jersey.

Netizens did not want the captain to turn around if a watermelon is what awaited them on the other side.

No mehndi ki rasam on the cricket field.

Twitter users even DMed the PCB to tell them there’s still time.

But alas, the PCB did not pay heed to their opinions.

A war of words was waged where the jerseys were compared to fruits and other things.

But fans still found a way to look at the bright side and accept it.

And thirsting over Naseem Shah takes no break — whatever he wears.


How do you feel about the tarbooz jersey?

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