King Kong, the iconic gargantuan gorilla, is making a comeback on our screens in a live action series. The show will unravel the giant beast’s origin story and the supernatural mysteries of his homeland, Skull Island.

Based on Merian C. Cooper’s original books and the new King Kong novelisations by Joe DeVito, the series is in early developmental stages at Disney+, according to Variety.

The first time the confused gorilla turned the world upside down onscreen was in 1933, in the original King Kong film which was an instant hit. It was also remade in 2005 by director Peter Jackson starring Adrien Brody, Jack Black and Naomi Watts.

The 90-year-old character has made multiple movie appearances since its TV introduction, most recently in the Legendary-Warner Bros. Monsterverse films including Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla vs. Kong. Netflix also has an anime series based on the ape called Skull Island coming up.

King Kong (working title) will be executively produced by Amazon’s Paper Girls creator Stephany Folsom who will also double as the screenwriter for the show. Atomic Monster Productions’ James Wan, Michael Clear and Rob Hackett will also executive produce along with Dannie Festa for World Builder Entertainment. Disney Branded Television will produce.

This will be the second live-action series about popular movie monsters to make it to a streaming service. Apple TV is currently working on a show about Godzilla and the Titans featuring Kurt Russell and his son Wyatt Russell. That series is connected to the Monsterverse films, while the King Kong Disney+ show is a separate entity.

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