PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday said he wanted to educate his supporters about what “jihad” really is because he did not want them to carry out suicide attacks.

“I have come to prepare you for jihad. First, understand what jihad is. If you don’t understand what kind of jihad you’re fighting then you’ll carry out a suicide attack,” the former prime minister said in a speech at the Bahawalpur Bar Association.

“I want you to prepare for the struggle after thinking and understanding,” he added.

Imran said he wanted the people to unite and bring about a “revolution in justice” so that the rule of law could be ensured and the powerful brought under the law.

He said God sent humans to ensure justice on earth and justice and humanity were what differentiated mankind from animals.

Imran said a civilised and humane society protected the weak from the powerful and if this element was lacking then it was just “a society of intelligent animals and nothing more”.

The former prime minister said that the PTI’s “jihad” was for “justice” in the country.

Imran also criticised his political opposition for their alleged corruption and claimed it was also responsible for the country’s woes such as the rupee’s depreciation and rising inflation.

He also hit out at the government for the events of May 25 when the police clamped down on the PTI’s long march to Islamabad and lamented that justice was not provided.

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