How Google Gemini compares to ChatGPT

Google has finally launched its own AI search engine to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Copilot. After rebranding the Bard chatbot to Gemini, Google last week relaunched the AI ​​model, which has since received mixed reviews from its users.

Gemini has a non-paid model, Gemini Pro, which is a lighter version of the Ultra model but answers all the questions asked. Gemini Ultra or Advanced requires a Google One AI subscription, which is $20/month, and will get you better multimodel and data analysis capabilities in the near future, as well as better reasoning, coding, and instruction-following than Gemini Pro. Will provide skills. The AI ​​Premium plan is integrated with a Google Workspace account – draft emails in Gmail, documents in Docs, presentations in Sheets, and Google Meet recordings.

TechCrunch reported that when asked sensitive, controversial political questions, Gemini gave short answers and asked users to send them to Google instead of providing details specifically related to the Israel–Gaza conflict.

A similar reaction was seen when asked a political question about US President Joe Biden. However, it openly discusses current TikTok trends, providing examples of trends that have become quite popular.

While Google has warned users not to ignore or ask AI models for medical advice, Gemini has advised users to take actionable steps when asked about a medical condition, warning not to trust its advice. should be done. When asked for advice on mental health, Geminis quickly identified the diagnosis, listing recommended treatments, medications, and lifestyle changes.

The AI ​​model was additionally careful to avoid racial and gender biases, for which previous models were criticized.

Gemini’s work integration is undoubtedly impressive. It not only efficiently planned the entire itinerary with cheap flights and hotel options; But it was also effective in classifying Gmail inboxes according to content theme or receipt window.

While Gemini is a good AI model compared to others, like ChatGPT, it does not offer anything unique that can set it apart from others. The model’s features have yet to be enabled to their full potential with additional integrations with Google’s ecosystem. For now, at the same subscription, ChatGPT appears to offer more features with third-party plugins, custom instructions, and memory.