ISLAMABAD: The capital police detained four people in a police station for hours without any formal complaint and written application after they allegedly laughed at a Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) politician and his guests.

The Kohsar police arrested the four persons from Monal Restaurant without registration of a case and formal complaints and detained them for a day, senior police officers said, adding that later they were released after their arrest went viral on social media and turned into one of the top trends.

According to the officers, the management of Monal Restaurant informed the capital police that some people were laughing at the PML-N leader Atta Tarrar and his guests, who were in the restaurant, making them uncomfortable.

The matter was brought to the knowledge of the area police who reached there, they added.

However, they found no offence as it was revealed that they were spotted laughing at the PML-N leader and his companions and passing remarks, the officials said. Shortly, the police reported the matter to a senior officer who directed the Kohsar SHO to arrest the four persons.

Later the SHO arrested them and brought them to Kohsar police station and put them behind bars, without registering a case, they said.

Inspector General of Police Dr Akbar Nasir Khan was approached for his comments but he preferred to remain silent.

The capital police’s public relations officer was also approached for his version but he refused to reply and instead sent a written statement, saying that the police reached Monal Restaurant in response to a call made by the security staff deployed there that the family of the prime minister’s aide, Atta Tarrar, was being harassed.

The four persons harassed the family of Atta Tarrar and created scene, he said, adding that they were brought to police station for interrogation.

Later, Atta Tarrar pardoned them and the police let them go, he added.

Published in Dawn, September 6th, 2022

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