Intezar marks veteran actor Sakina Samo’s directorial debut and it was released after quite a lot of intezar [wait] due to the pandemic. To have waited so long for a project to come to fruition and then see it be applauded by peers hits different. Fellow actor Nimra Bucha commended Samo on her film, deeming it “glorious”.

On Monday, the Ms Marvel actor took to her Instagram story to share her review of the film. Tagging the Log Kya Kahenge actor, she wrote, “Intezar was just incredible!! Each and every thing about it belonged to us. So relatable on so many levels. You got it so right.“

Tagging the cast, the Churails actor talked about how they stood out. “The characters, the way the actors seamlessly poured themselves into their characters so you couldn’t see where the actor ended and the character began. Glorious film, superb work by all of you! Don’t think you left anyone watching unaffected.”

Samo reposted the story on her Instagram account and thanked Bucha.

Starring Samina Ahmed, Khalid Ahmed, Kaif Ghaznavi, Raza Ali Abid and Adnan Jaffar, the story revolves around a family’s patience — a father waiting for his family to leave him, a mother waiting for her son to come home and a daughter taking care of her ageing parents, waiting for them to pass on; loneliness, indifference of children and the fear of death, ever approaching.

“Let’s see how it goes because the film is nice, of course I’d say that because it’s my baby, but I’d like to add that the film is different and all type of films should be put up because we have audience of all types.” Samo told Images earlier this month, hoping that the film would be well-received.

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