KARACHI: In an effort to extend humanitarian help to fellow countrymen affected by devastating monsoon rains and flooding, the Dawn Media Group will conduct a live telethon on Saturday, Aug 27, from 1pm to 5pm to collect funds for providing food and shelter to those affected.

Titled “Dawn Relief Campaign”, the Telethon will be broadcast live on the DawnNews TV channel as well as its Urdu and English YouTube channels.

As over 30 million people have been affected in the last few weeks and a national emergency has been declared, the government continues to assess the gravity and extent of human losses and damage to infrastructure, agriculture and livestock, etc in every province.

Dawn Relief Campaign is an effort to reach out to the general public and the international community to help millions of homeless people living under the open sky. You may call in at 080014455 between 1pm and 5pm to pledge your donations.

Published in Dawn, August 27th, 2022

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