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Latest Health News

Could grapes work as sunscreens?

A person holds a bunch of grapes.— UnsplashA recent study published in journal

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Chinese cities relax testing rules as zero-Covid policy eases

Local authorities across China have begun a slow rollback of Covid restrictions

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Health inequities cause premature deaths for persons with disabilities: WHO

Portrait of a Brazilian student in a sports court. He is a

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Could gravity be responsible for irritable bowel syndrome?

Woman suffering from a stomach pain.— PexelsSome individuals may be able to

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WHO welcomes China’s change in COVID strategy

A health worker in personal protective equipments (PPE) carries Covid-19 coronavirus testing

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Hair transplant fad turns deadly in India

In this photograph taken on Nov. 5, 2022, Dr. Mayank Singh makes

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Signs you are not getting enough sleep despite sleeping 8 hours

A woman lying face down on the bed.— UnsplashWhile we invest our

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Scientists claim urine test could diagnose Alzheimer’s

A 3D model of brain.— UnsplashA recent study has shown that a

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Breakthrough Alzheimer’s drug data shows results but also risks

Deaths were reported at approximately the same rate in both arms of

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How to take care of dry skin this winters

Person Pouring Plastic Tube Bottle.— PexelsIt is the time of the year

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