Armeena Khan is wary of people who spread negativity on social media but also of those who only post only positive things.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, the actor started off with a note about social media and the ratio between negativity and toxic positivity. “Be wary of people who spread negativity only but by the same token, be cautious around those who only post about colour, rainbows, stars and unicorns.”

She said that being human means to struggle and that means you’re going to have good days as well as bad days and that’s okay. “You’re allowed to feel, process and find solutions. Don’t let toxic positivity bring you down either — Yes, it is a thing,” she wrote, with hashtags about finding balance and how it’s okay not to be okay sometimes.

Previously, the actor raised her voice against hate comments made about how women should dress. She also answered hateful DMs thrown her way on Instagram. “As a Muslim, why are you on Instagram? I don’t understand. For example, if you don’t drink why are you in a pub? If you’re so Islamic get off this non’Muslim owned enterprise if it so offends you so and go be a ‘proper’ Muslim,” she had replied.

Another comment Khan tackled was someone pointing fingers at Pakistani actors who jump to defend Indian actors. She said she has the right to put out her opinions just as much as the users who have the right not to consume those opinions.

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